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Child Health check

Child Health check

Indiana Child Health check includes

  • CBC
  • Blood Grouping and Typing
  • Growth and development assessment
  • Urine Analysis
  • Color Doppler Echocardiogram
  • Paediatric Consultation
  • Eye Consultation

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Preparation for Check up


Kindly take prior appointment CALL 0824-2880880 Email:


Overnight fasting of 8 to 10 hours is required. Report empty stomach. only water can be taken.


Avoid wearing tight, formal clothes and shoes

No smoking and alcohol consumption

Avoid Smoking and consuming alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours before checkup.

Registered at Hospital?

If already registered at the hospital, provide the I.D. number at the time of fixing up appointment and at the time of reporting at the Hospital

Earlier Medical Reports

Bring all your earlier medical reports and prescription if available

Diabetics or Hypertensive?

Diabetic or Hypertensive patient should take their regular medicine, if any after the fasting blood sample collectiion

Standard Tests

Opinion and advice will be given by the consultant physician based on the standard tests in the package. Any further tests or consultation recommended by the Consultant will not be a part of this package and hence will be charged extra.

Why Child Health checkups are necessary?

Child check-up evaluates your child’s health. Since the formative years are crucial, it helps in monitoring not only the growth and nutritional requirements but also the overall health status of the child.

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